Sunday, July 17, 2011

Flowers whisper what words can not say...

So I have been a little MIA the past few days, because I have been busy working on what has turned into my ALL-TIME FAVORITE project!  I have only had my Cricut since Christmas of '10, and boy have I made a lot, but NOTHING compares to what I am about to show you!

So the wonderful ladies over at Paper Dolls are hosting weekly challenges, and week 7 has been the first one I have been able to participate in because of being on vacation.  With this challenge the talented Jani from Paper Compulsions offered a free file for some 3d flowers.  The challenge was to create anything using the file.  To be very honest I was stumped for a few days...I thought "Oh I will just create a boring 3d ball for my daughter's play room"....but that didn't excite me and made me feel BLAH.  Then just by chance the wreath I have hanging on my door fell off the door and onto the floor in front of me, and BAM the idea hit me!  I was going to create a wreath with the flowers. 

So I headed off to Micheal's with my "Sticky-Fingers-McGee" 19 month old to get my supplies.  I grabbed a basic styrofoam wreath and some pretty ribbon, thinking I would hide that nasty styrofoam with the ribbon.  Well I got home and struggled wrapping the semi-flat wreath with the ribbon to the point I gave up!  I was seriously about to say forget it, when I saw some party streamers I had left from a previous project.  I thought this may lay flat, unlike the ribbbon.  So I wrapped the wreath in that, and since I loved this green ribbon I had gotten I then wrapped that around the pink streamer to create the look of a vine.  (Ha, who am I kidding I just did it on a whim and just got lucky that it looks like that!)

Oh...You want to see the whole thing do you???  Well keep reading....

Now onto creating the flowers...Since I am more of a Hibiscus/Plumeria/Gerbera Daisy kind of girl I opted not to go with the roses.  I mixed the flowers and kind of made them into my own little creation.  I simply used my finger nail and the end of my Cricut spatula to curl the petals, then I layered them together and secured them with a trusty glue dot.  Oh, by the way I inked the edges of each petal to make them stand out and I chalked the inside of each flower with a mix of pink and yellow.  Don't you love that white and pink combo??

Ok Ok Ok...I promise I will show you the whole thing in just a minute!

I then hot glued them all over the wreath mixing the larger flowers with the smaller ones.  I thought after I had glued 100000000000000 (just kidding about 50) flowers over this wreath that it was done.  But I stood back looked and it, turned up my nose and said...LEAVES!! You need some leaves, so I added those in too!  And...TA DA...HERE IT IS.....


  1. Wow - Erin! This is amazing! You put so much time into this, and wow - it shows! It's gorgeous! I love your inking and how you mixed in small and bigger flowers! Beautiful! Thanks for joining in the Paper Dolls Challenge!

  2. This is awesome! It must have taken a while! It was well worth it. Don't you just love happy accidents :)