Wednesday, January 26, 2011

One Awesome, but Addicting Christmas Gift

So on December 25, 2010 I was bitten by the the bug...the Cricut bug!  My amazing husband got me something I had been dying to have for years....a Cricut Expression.  Since then I have been busy crafting and creating.  I will be honest that most of my ideas aren't original, but rather "scrap-lifted' from others then turned into something that is my own.  Here are pictures of the projects I have worked on over the past month!
This is a simple project that I created after finding these wonderful frames in the $1 section of Targe.  They will have ribbon added and they will hang in my daughters playroom--which is right across the hall from my soon to be craft room!

This card was a simple quick creation using the Wild Card cartridge.

 This card I created after finding the "My Pink Stamper" blog, which I now check as frequently as my facbook.  I plan on purchasing some of "punny" stamps so that I can create more cards like this one!
These are two cards I created using the Wild Card cartridge again.  The birdy card came after watching a video from Creations by Christina.

 This mailbox I created after again seeing the post on Creations by Christina's blog.  All the paper materials and mailbox came from the $1 spot of Target!
This a card I created after seeing one slightly similar on Dream Cards by Patty.  I ended up doing some research and creating the cut file and design all on my own!  This is my favorite card thus far!

 This is one of the Valentine's Day gifts that I made for varios people.  The wrapping of the nuggets idea came from Robyn over at and the top I designed myself!
This is again a card I created using inspiration from  I used a picture of my Wild Card and Celebrate with Flourish cartridges.

 This is a simple but cool card I created using the Wild Card cartridge. It reminds of someone very close to me, and I must say the color combo makes this card!
I created this card after seeing a similar design on Dream Cards by Patty, and I put my own spin on it!

This card idea came from Creations with Christina and used the Wild Card cartridge again. It was super simple but so elegant!

These are Valentine's treat boxes that I used after seeing another video over at  I discovered that they Hershey Kisses were too heavy for the boxes and I ended up putting Reese's in them.  I am still waiting to order "punny" stamps from so that I can finish these!

 This is the first card that I created using my Wild Card cartridge.  I must say its a must for any Crictu Crafter's collection!
I found this idea from a member of a facebook group for Cricut Crafters and I created this simple wall hanging within 20 minutes.  It is now proudly on display in my daughters room!

This is another card that I got the idea from Creations by Christina and then I put my own spin on it!  I made it for a co-worders birthday but didn't use it because I was scared after having 5 different people sign it the whole overall look of the card would be ruined.  Yes I realize that cards get through in the trash eventually, but it would have driven me insane!

This is just a few of the things I have created over the past month, and expect more projects posted soon.  After I get the hang of this whole blog thing I will post recipes for my creations and may even start sharing some cut files.  My dream is to be able to make some of these projects for a profit so that I can support my very addicting habit!

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